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You're a mighty Warrior created by the mysterious City of Helios and you're sent into the depths beneath the city to uncover the reason why it has started to sink into the ocean. You find yourself on unknown shores deep beneath the waves. You must fight your way through hordes of mutated sea creatures to find the key. The key that opens the mysterious glowing doorway. But what does it mean? Will whatever lurks behind that door give you the answers that you seek?


Fight the monsters. Activate the key pedastol. Try not to die.


  • Mouse - Look around
  • Left Click - Light Attack
  • Right Click - Heavy Attack
  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Dash
  • Tap Shift Once - Jump
  • Hold Shift - Sprint
  • E - Heal
  • F - Interact

A German student project made by: 

  • Anne Ludwig - 3D Art, Rigging, Animation
  • Aylin Meryem Ulrich - 2D Art, Concept Art, Game Design
  • Cindy Grellner - UX Design
    • Contact: cindy.grellner@googlemail.com
  • Fabian Nitzsche - Game Design, Level Design, Story, Tech Art, Sound
  • Nicolas Fischer - 3D Art, Gameplay Programming
    • Contact: nicolas_f@web.de
  • Rona Tanca - AI Programming, Level Generator Programming,
    • Contact: r.tanca@web.de

Music provided by Roberto Rotundo 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Substance Painter & designer, Maya, Adobe Illustrator
Tags3D, Fantasy, nature, Souls-like, underwater, Unity
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


The Abyss Below_Final.rar 116 MB


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Overall, not bad! I really liked the art direction, the world and enemy designs! While the level didn't do a great job of pointing me in the right direction and the combat was a little underwhelming, I still had a good time with it and could see what you were getting at! Understanding that this is a student project and you were likely working with very limited timescales I think this is pretty damn good! Well done!


Thanks man, we really appreciate your feedback! Glad you liked it :D